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  • CM narrators and voiceovers are a breed apart. Just as any job requires a professional, if you want to create a product that sells, it is imperative you don't overlook this important part of the equation. No wonder clients have chosen this voiceover artist time and time again.

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  • Many a CM requires not merely a great narration but first class vocals too. NarratorsInJapan is proud to include in its line-up one of the very best singers on either side of the Pacific. Come on in and see if you don't agree.

  • FREE Registration as a Voice Over Narrator or Singer. Being a narrator and voiceover artist is a great career, but it is not an easy one to get started in. Learn how to promote yourself and avoid the pitfalls that strike so many. Serving clients around the world, we have the reach you need.

  • Free Registration as a Voice Over! Being a voiceoverover artist is an always interesting and sometimes even an exciting career. But it doesn't just happen. You need to continually promote yourself. Join NarratorsInJapan now to give yourself a promotional shot in the arm. Your career may depend on it!

  • The voiceover and narration fields are notoriously difficult to discover trends in. Is the industry improving? Are jobs increasing or are we in a contraction? See what your peers say about voiceover engagements trends with this survey. Are you beating the norm? You may be surprised.

  • Voiceovers and narrators (singers, too) need all the information that they can get. This poll seeks to query two most important concerns about agencies and fees. Have your say and see what others say. Are you the odd one out?

  • Find out the latest developments in the entertainment world here. How has our world been reported in the media. Discover the latest news in our free feed here!

  • American born Mel, also known in Japan where she is currently working and residing as as 'Meru', is a highly accomplished up and coming singer-songwriter-voiceover artist. Her wealth of talent and strong voice noted for its wide range is something not to be missed.

  • Need high quality narrators to record the perfect voiceover for your project? Well, you have come to the right place. Our experienced narrators can record on location or at our studio and either snail mail a CD, ftp or email your recording to you for speedy, high quality results. Find out more here now.

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  • Sometimes being a VoiceOver or Narrator can be a little lonesone and the chance for some honest feed back rare. Well, here you can give and take with a survey or two and see how your peers in the industry are doing. Quick and Fun.

  • プロフェシオナル外国ナレーター Award winning much sought after narrator can turn a humdrum video into a blockbuster! If you believe your production deserves the best call today to see if Simon has time to make an Oscar more likely. Calling is free so you've nothing to lose and everything to gain. Files can be sent by ftp.

  • メル マタチェスキー牛久保の発するフレーズそして歌声は、美声を生かしての英語教材、 商品の重要性を感じさせる商業コマーシャルなど、全てをハイクウォリティーな作品に仕上げる。

  • Do you want to ensure that your singing project gets the best vocal talent available? If you are not satisfied with second best any more then we have gathered two of the very best female vocalists around to get your project rocking. With either of these two singers on your playbill get set for a sell-out crowd.

  • Many a CM requires not merely a great narration but first class vocals too. NarratorsInJapan is proud to include in its line-up one of the very best singers on either side of the Pacific. Come on in and see if you don't agree.

  • 英語ナレーター English male narrators are our speciality. Choose from some the most experienced and professional narrators and voiceovers in British English. Skilled in a variety of styles, these narrators are the versatile dream come true for producers and directors looking for voices that will deliver the goods. Make your choice now.

  • 英語ナレーター を探す、苦労はもう心配ありません。ナレーターズ イン ジャパンにおまかせ下さい。ナレーターズ イン ジャパンでは、厳選され経験の豊富な外国人ナレーターたちが、いつでもお待ちしております。仕事の大小にかかわらず、プロデューサー、ディレクターの方々のご要望にかなった、満足して頂けるナレーションをお届けさせたいただきます。