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Mel Matacheskie-Ushikubo

 Mel Ushikubo - American Singer in Tokyo Mel Matacheskie-Ushikubo is a Speech Level Singing trained performer and will deliver an excellent performance, whether she is singing for a lively commercial or delivering clear, easy to understand learning materials.

Mel has over ten years of musical theatre experience playing such characters as The Evil Queen in a musical version of Snow White in Ottawa, Canada, and Mrs. Montague in the musical Go West! also in Ottawa, Canada.

The director of the Benesse World Wide Kids Stage production said this about Mel: “I really liked her performance. She could sense how to perform to attract the audience brilliantly. She was the best performer of all. I was very happy with her performance!”
Director of the Benesse World Wide Kids Stage

For one year she attended an intensive musical theatre course where she studied everything from original composition development and casting, to rehearsing and performing for a live audience as various cast and chorus members. She also co-founded the amateur theatre group, Richard Cranium Presents, in Fort St. John, BC.

As a vocalist, she has performed live in acoustic rock and jazz venues in Canada and Tokyo. She is also an accomplished song composer and literary writer.

Currently she works in the Tokyo entertainment industry as an actor, extra and voice-over actor for various TV commercials (Daiwa Shoken, Honda, etc.), dramas and movies. She was the principal English Teacher character in the Benesse World Wide Kids Live Stage Show for 3 months.

Mel also performs with her rock band G.O.F. and is currently recording her Pop CD duet project, Duel.

Mel always has a positive and professional attitude, and is very flexible and creative.
No matter what kind of project you have, you’ll enjoy the process and be delighted with the results.

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Driven, passionate and full-blooded - a voice that is making its mark in Tokyo today. As Mel gets busier and busier it won't be long before you will have to take a number before you will be able to book her.

Make certain you get your reservations in early.