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Is Your Agency Treating You Well? Are You Being Paid Fairly?

Getting to know the Good, the Bad and the Ugly when it comes to narration and voice over agencies is mission critical when you are setting out and setting up as a voice talent.

In our experience though, the production companies are also a well and truly varied lot ranging from the woefully disorganized or the stultifyingly rigid at the low end to those with a vision but also creatively liberal and sympthetic at the top end.

To be fair, most have been reasonable. 
Yet, that often didn't come naturally to them, but took quite a bit of pushing and perseverance on our part.

How have you found the field?

Let your peers know how things are going with this quick poll. We all may be surprised.

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Which Is Your Most Pressing Concern Regarding Promotion?
Finding A Reliable Agency To Represent Me.
Not Knowing The Appropriate Fee To Charge Or To Be Paid.
Not Knowing How Best To Get Selected.

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