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ナレーター プロフィール Featured Narrator

Simon Loveday サイモン ラブデイ イギリス人ナレーター

外国人ナレーター イギリス サイモン ラブデイ

ロンドン, England





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Here are some of the comments Simon has received.
"Extremely professional. Simon knew just what was needed and made our product stand out. We always use him. Excellent."
H.Suzuki, K-M Ltd

"Simon-san has become a standard for our product presentations. Everyone not only likes his voice, but they also like his style. Very intelligent recordings."
Y. Kobayashi, T. Ltd

"Not only did he deliver the voice over in a way that really draws the listener in, but he also revised the script to make it so much better. He saved the day. I couldn't thank him enough."
G. Shimizu, H. Ltd.










Popular Award Winning Narrator

Simon is a highly sought after, award-winning British narrator.

With his compelling voice that has won many admirers and provided the essential ingredient for countless VPRs and CMs, not to mention a host of documentaries for TV and radio, Simon is an ideal choice when you really need the best and want someone who knows how to engage the audience and get the reactions you want.

Director's  Choice

Skilled in studio work and the needs of directors and clients, he can make a recording session go extremely smoothly and produce an end product that sets the standard others are judged by.

Simon speaks Japanese which can help a recording session tremendously - when recording in Japan, of course.